Friday, September 4, 2009

Physical Therapy

Emory has started physical therapy to help strengthen his upper body & trunk. He is doing a great job & making great strides. He goes to PT at Theraplay in Trappe. All of the girls there LOVE him! They fight over who gets to treat him on a weekly basis. For now he goes once a week or two. Once his cast comes off, we will be going 3-4 times a week!
We took a little video to show how great he is doing!


Little Emory had to go in for an MRI to ensure that his hip is in place in his new cast. It is a new protocal at CHOP & Emory was a guinea pig. It ended up being one of the hardest days for him & for I thus far. They had to stick my poor baby 4 times until they finally got his IV in. I never had to see this before, b/c they always did it in the OR. It broke my heart to hear him cry in pain & look so longingly at me to make them stop. Once they finally got it in, he was ok. They then proceeded to give him his IV sedative & I watched him fall asleep. He was fighting it, but he finally fell asleep. This was also quite hard, as he was rather zombie-like as soon as they gave him the meds. It wasn't my regular, cheerful, happy baby boy. The MRI itself took about an hour, so I got some lunch & when I came back, he came back shortly thereafter. The nurse said that he started to wake up at the end of the MRI, so they had to pump him with more sedative, which meant he had to sleep another extra hour to sleep it off. When he woke up he was not very happy. He was very groggy & lacking orientation. His head was very wobbly, he was fussy, whiney & crying. Thankfully on the way home, he fell fast asleep. After about 24-26 hours, he was back to normal. We have our fingers crossed that the MRI looked good b/c after a day like that, we couldn't bear to get bad news from it!

Cast Change

Waiting patiently for his cast change

Checking out the oxygen monitor on his little footie

Eating everything in sight because he was starving!

He fell asleep while waiting

Out for lunch after his cast change, sporting his cool new camo cast