Sunday, March 28, 2010


Here is a more recent pic of our peanut!

We've been MIA for quite some time. Our baby boy is cast-free & in a bucket brace at night. He is doing great & started walking this week. Not too shabby...walking at 13 months after having very limited use of his legs for about 5 months of his life. This boy may have been walking at 8 months if it weren't for this hip dysplasia!
One VERY IMPORTANT thing that I've learned since last post was that babies with hip dysplasia qualify for state funded medical insurance. Even if you have regular insurance for your child, look into state funded medical insurance for them! It is secondary coverage for our peanut, which means from now until he is 18, we will have NO medical bills for him! It covers co-pays, etc. In PA, I applied through Keystone Mercy, but I know it varies from state to state. Look into it!
I don't have any other earth shattering info to share other than that. If you ever want to contact me, please feel free to email me at
I love to help other Mommies who are going through this long, tedious journey of having a baby with hip dysplasia :)


  1. Hey there,
    Great site and so much help to new parents dealing with DDH. Your Emory's history sounds identical to our Rory's! You can read about our experience in my blog on!
    When Rory had his closed and open reduction he was MRI'ed before being allowed out of recovery but they didn't give him any drugs. I wonder why they had to knock poor wee Emory out? If he was spica'ed its not like he could move eh!
    I just thought I'd mention a couple of things that you recommended, if you don't mind. Firstly its not a good idea to stuff anything down the cast (you suggested pushing the edge of a t-shirt inside the cast) This can cause pressure sores which can be difficult to treat while the cast is on. Also if you're breastfeeding you shouldn't need to starve your child before surgery and shouldn't need to wait the hour or two after surgery. Breast milk is more easily digested and can be taken right up until going under and straight after babe has come round. If your hospital doesn't allow you to do this ask them why!!
    Thanks again for starting this blog! I'm sure parents will find it an amazing resource!
    (mum of Rory 2 1/2 DDH from birth, rhino cruiser brace at night only now!!)

  2. Thank you for this site! I will be going back through again and reading your journey. My DD is 2 and has DDH, but my 11 w/o son does also, and having had a Closed Reduction this past week, I am in entirely new territory (DD only had Pavlik and Rhino). thank you for posting all of this - I am having such a hard time finding things for my son, being so young, to sit him in, and tryig to figure out how to get him in a stroller, etc., etc. It seems that all other sites and advice are for older children, which leaves my little "can't hold my head up long nor sit up by myself" son out of a lot of it.
    One question I do have - I am hyper-paranoid about "flat head" and it seems with all this propping up of my DS, that it is inevitable. Any advice on preventing this or suggestions from your own experiences?
    Thank you!!